Background and Experience

            My name is Diane St. James. I started in the residential mortgage business in 1979 after earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business from Purdue University. Now with 21 years of experience, I have gained vast knowledge in every facet of residential mortgage lending.

            I started out as a loan processor and closer, gaining the knowledge of how get a mortgage loan closed. In 1985, I was promoted to Operations Supervisor and opened up a thriving branch office in the Lehigh Valley. Then I took on a Account Executive position at one of the growing banking divisions in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

            During this time as an Account Executive, I helped thousands of borrowers qualify for their first home or save thousands by refinancing.

            The last 7 years of my career have been very rewarding as an Underwriter. This responsible position involves making the final decision on a borrower's mortgage. I have underwritten thousands of loan applications and have been on the 'front line' as we call it, developing years of experience and knowledge.

            Currently, I am an independent contract underwriter for one of the top ranking PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) companies in the United States. I underwrite for several different correspondents involving properties in many states. I underwrite at home though, because I choose to be available to you, to be here to lend an ear and help educate you.

            I am a member of the NAFE and have been awarded with the RMU designation by the National Association of Review Appraisers & Mortgage Underwriters.

            I completed Mortgage Bankers Assoc. of America Courses: Processing the Loan - 1980 Mortgage Loan Underwriting - 1994 Completed H & R Block Basic Income Tax Prep.- 1997

            I have participated in continuing education by attending seminars: Underwriting the Self Employed Borrower , Loan Prospector - FHLMC, Desktop Origination - at FNMA

            The most important experience of all I have gained over the last 21 years though, is a genuine concern and caring for people. My dedication to the desire to help borrowers make the best, educated decisions about something that will affect them for possibly the next 30 years is was made me create this website nearly 3 years ago!

            Let me use my vast experience to help you understand and prepare for your mortgage today!


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