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RE: E-BOOK - Once I got started, I couldn't stop! It was GREAT!!! You know how to break it down to laymen's terms, so we know what you're saying. When I went through that process of buying a home the first time, I was SO lost. After reading your ebook - it all made perfect SENSE!!! I'm going to keep it and DEFINITELY refer to it, often as we proceed to sell and buy again. Your ebook is a priceless tool, and would greatly behoove the first time or second or more times buyer to buy it! - Rebecca Winn

RE: E-BOOK - From start to finish, Diane takes you under her wing to assist you down the road of mortgage information. Her writing style is superb, with a compelling combination of humor and helpful advice, all rolled in to one informative ebook. Diane walks us step-by-step though the entire mortgage process - from topics such as mortgage all the way to what to expect at closing time. The information is literally priceless, easy to read, and in all senses of the phrase, a top quality ebook. - Christine Jones, Connecticut

RE: E-BOOK - Who'd ever think you could explain so much about the mortgage process, yet be entertaining at the same time! Liked the touch of humor and I found this ebook to be a very helpful guide! - S.S.



Dear Friend...Want an easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting APPROVED for a mortgage? This is IT!

 In this E-book you will find out:

  • How to better understand the MAZE of mortgages;

  • How qualifying for a mortgage is different today;
  • What the best mortgage is for you;
  • The right steps to getting a mortgage starting with the credit report, all the way through to settlement;
  • What documentation to gather together before you apply;
  • All about credit explanation letters and what they should say;
  • Important mortgage terms - definitions you can understand!

    I am not a mortgage lender, I am an Underwriter. What is an underwriter? The one who approves the mortgages for the lenders. By getting information straight from an underwriter you can get valuable, unbiased, bottom line facts about the whole process. This E-book provides you education and tips that are vital to getting the best mortgage for you!

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  • A Free BONUS Chart of Mortgage Interest Factors. Helps you easily determine your mortgage payment on any loan amount!

  • A FREE private email address to have direct contact with me to ask further questions about your particular mortgage situation.

  • A free subscription to my new ezine Diane's Mortgage Tips + Other Tidbits

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    Still undecided? That's fine. Well what can happen anyway if you don't buy this E-book?

  • You can remain clueless about one the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.

  • You can be at the mercy of any loan representative that has a good sales pitch and may talk you into paying more than you should or getting a type of mortgage you don't want.

  • You can end up paying THOUSANDS of dollars in closing costs, not to mention interest over the next 30 years, that may have been avoided.

  • You can buy a home that will strap you financially so that you are living to pay your mortgage, all because you get approved for a high mortgage amount.

  • You can walk away from the settlement table utterly confused.

  • You can lose the opportunity to find out all the facts from someone whom you never usually get to talk to - an underwriter.


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