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One Step At A Time
By Diane St James Copyright © 2004

It seems that winter is never ending this year. I was just outdoors
shoveling snow from our driveway. Before I started, I looked
down the long blanket of white to the mailbox, and it seemed like
it would take forever to get to the end. But I proceeded slowly,
shoveling one row at a time and not rushing, as that would surely
start making my back cramp up which I would regret for the next
several days.

Instead of looking down to the end every few minutes I just looked
at each row as I shoveled and kept at it. Before I knew it, I was
done in what seems like no time. I had done what seemed would
be a tedious task with ease and a sense of accomplishment!

Okay you may be wondering what the heck this has to do with
mortgages. Let me ask you this. Are you one of those folks who
want to buy a house NOW? Sure you have a lot of credit card
debt and some have even turned into collection accounts, just
bought a new car six months ago, and don't have any money
saved, but you want it so bad you can taste it, right? Thought so.

Now you may start to see how my story relates. So many times
I consult with people that want a house now but it seems like it is
a long driveway of snow away. There are always possibilities for
those who really want to buy now, but I urge you to try to take a
look at the whole picture. Otherwise you may end up with a high
interest rate and wind up so strapped that you end up filing
bankruptcy just to get out from under it all.

Analyze your current credit and financial situation and whether you
really feel comfortable taking on a home mortgage right now.
If you like, have a financial planner or mortgage consultant
( http://www.abcmortgage.net ) take a look at your current scenario
and discuss a plan of action.

You may need to do some serious credit consolidation or resolve
some major credit issues first (http://tinyurl.com/2lub4 ), which would
pave the way to a better mortgage rate and a much better comfort
level with the mortgage payment you will be taking on. Maybe you'll
need to save up some down payment money, or emergency reserves.
Proceed with your plan of action and you will see results.

If you just want to buy a home but it looks so hopeless that you
just give up, don't! Take you time, clear your path, and you'll be
at the end of your driveway looking up at your new home in no time.


Diane St. James is a mortgage professional with over 23 years
experience. Her website http://www.abcmortgage.net exists to help
educate people about the mortgage world. She is the author of 2
e-books, and has been quoted in the WALL STREET JOURNAL,
on MSN.com, appeared on national cable new television CNBC, and was featured on a Cover Story for USA Today newspapers.