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My fiance and I wanted to obtain a mortgage and had no idea where to start. We both had a lot of questions and some previous financial "situations", but didn't want to be taken advantage of by a lender, real-estate broker, or seller. I didn't know who we could turn to for an honest assessment, who would look out for our benefit, and who I could tell all of our problems without fear of repercussions. I was beginning to feel lost, but then I found your website. You have been absolutely wonderful! With your help and expert guidance we were able to obtain a mortgage and rate I initially thought were unattainable. I would never have been able to ask the number and type of questions I did with anyone else. You made me feel completely at ease and always responded back to my emails. With you, there was never a question too silly to ask. You are so friendly and such a super person to correspond with. In my opinion the service you provided me went above and beyond what I paid for. I definitely got my monies worth, many times over. Thanks again for all your help! Dave, Bloomfield, NJ


Diane, you are an excellent mortgage consultant!!! I can't thank you enough for all the help you provided me with obtaining an equity line of credit. I had been searching for equity lines and I kept running into the same scenario - anywhere between $1500 and $4500 in closing costs plus I had to pay the appraisal fee out of pocket. You helped me obtain an equity line that charged NO CLOSING COSTS and the lender paid for the appraisal fee!! So, there we no costs tacked into my loan and I was able to enjoy the entire amount of my equity line!!!

You saved me thousands of dollars and I would not have been able to obtain this equity line without your consultation. You are very knowledgable, very friendly and were always there to help me get the best loan possible. Anyone who is considering a mortgage, refinance, equity line or other should definately consult with Diane - she will save you THOUSANDS - I am living proof. Thanks again Diane, for all your help!

Sincerely, Amanda Davis


Diane: I just wanted to thank you for guiding me through my refinance on my home. With your help, and recommendations on what to look for, and what questions to ask, I was able to save HUNDREDS on my closing costs!! You also went above and beyond by helping me find a mortgage company that was able to serve the specific needs I had. Without yor help I wouldn't know the ins and outs of the mortgage process. I would never recommend anyone go through it alone! There's just too much information to process. It was well worth the money I spent on the consultation to have the information I received from you along the way. I really felt like I had"family" guiding me through the process!! Gail Hornback, Republic, MO http://cmytmc.com


I was very impressed with the concise answers that Diane supplied me with during my consultation!! Consultation was very informative! Thanks. -D. Griffin


I was recently remarried this past year and my new hubby had some previous credit problems due to his divorce. Being in my 40's and never having problems in the past I really didn't know what to do or who to turn too. Diane, you was so easy to talk to: asking only the questions that needed asking, never passing judgment and giving sound, professional advise on how to map out a sensible strategy to overcome this. With your carefully laid out plan I am confident we will secure the best loan at the least interest rate. - RA Curb, Birmingham, AL


I just had to write to thank you! I almost made the biggest mistake of my life taking that loan at the higher interest rate. Thanks for telling me about first time homebuyers programs and letting me know I can qualify. Thank you for being so patient too, since I am so dumb about mortgages. You say things in ways that I understand. Thanks again! - D. Monks, St. Louis, MO


Your advice and knowledge was so instrumental in helping me sort through the maze of non-conforming loans! I am soon-to-be a divorced mom with a family and didn't think there was any way that I could get a loan with my history of self-employment but you showed me that I can. Thanks SO much for your invaluable input! - Barb N., Cincinnati, OH























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