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By Diane St James © 2003

If we are lucky, some of us are expecting a nice check shortly from the IRS in a tax refund. What are you going to do with your check? Well, the first thing I think I'll do is tack a copy up on my wall as it will probably be the only time I GET money back from Uncle Sam.

All kidding aside, here are some uses for your check, in case you are clueless as to what to do with it!

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO... Use it to pay down one or more of your credit cards.

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO... Go shopping for a new wardrobe.


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO... Give it as a contribution to a local animal shelter or favorite charity.

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO... Buy a new puppy (which is what we are trying to do).


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO... Pay for an airline ticket so that your not so favorite aunt can visit you.

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO... Go for a nice getaway weekend.


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO... Save it toward a down payment on your first house.

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO... Lose it in an all night poker game in your cramped apartment.


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO... Put it into your IRA account for a more secure future.

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO... Pull all your money out of your IRA account, combine it with this check and get that old Harley Davidson that you've always been wanting.


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO... If you are self employed, bank the check to help pay toward your next quarterly taxes.

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO... If you are self employed, cancel that tough job that you would have earned this money on, and take the day off.


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO... Buy savings bonds for your children for their future.

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO... Go to the local carnival with your children and blow it all until that big monkey is finally yours!


Be smart about your tax refund. Whatever you do with it, be content with your decision!


Diane St. James is a mortgage professional with over 23 years
experience. Her website http://www.abcmortgage.net exists to help
educate people about the mortgage world. She is the author of 2
e-books, and has been quoted in the WALL STREET JOURNAL,
on MSN.com, appeared on national cable new television CNBC, and was featured on a Cover Story for USA Today newspapers.